Thursday, March 15, 2012

create hello world apps

hello world apps is basic tutorial for create apps on iphone or ipad using Xcode.For Example here using xcode 4.2.

1. Open your xcode and create a new project.

2. Choose single view apps and press Next button

3. Fill your product name (hello world apps for example),  company identifier (your company name), class prefix (for example here,leave it blank),device family( you could change to ipad or universal,here i use iphone device),use storyboard and press next button

 4. For ease, you could create your project on your desktop.then press Main Storyboard

5.Drag and drop label button then change the label name to Hello world!! you could change to any word you like

6. You could see the image below

7.Then run the application by clicking run button on the top left corner

this apps without editing code at all,Have a nice try...../>

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